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The organizations driving alternative protein innovation need motivated, creative, and enthusiastic people to join their teams. Learn how to make a career in this exciting field.

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Find a job in the alternative protein field

Use this database to find up-to-date listings of available positions in the alternative protein ecosystem, including at GFI’s international affiliates. We also recommend exploring the Tälist and Alt Protein Careers job boards, which highlight a vast array of high-impact opportunities in the field.

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Post a role to the careers board

Add alt protein jobs, internships, and fellowship opportunities to our jobs board to maximize visibility for new roles at your organization.

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Become an industry partner with the Alt Protein Project

Alternative protein industry professionals can join our directory to establish a presence at key universities and engage with educators and student leaders in the Alt Protein Project.

Career toolkit

Student resource guide

This guide will help you steer through the exciting world of alternative proteins.

Ask GFI: Careers in alt proteins

Join the GFI team every quarter to learn about career opportunities in the alternative protein industry.

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Join the talent database

GFI’s talent database is the go-to resource for alternative protein academic researchers, and companies seeking talent as they expand their teams. By adding yourself to the talent database, you grant permission to researchers, startups, and large corporations involved in alternative protein research and commercialization to contact you, if they believe you may be the right fit for a role.

Please note that GFI does not source talent from this database. If you are interested in an opportunity at GFI, check out our careers page and/or fill out our general interest application if you don’t see a role of interest.

Employers: Access the database

GFI’s talent database is a resource for employers and founders in the alternative protein space seeking mission-aligned talent, including employees, contractors, advisors, and more. This database contains resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and contact information for professionals, scientists, and students who want to be a part of the future of food.

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“The thought that a single field could truly change the planet in so many positive ways across human health, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare makes me so pumped! […] It is so fun and inspiring to be a part of a revolutionary field that gets so many people from different walks of life excited and united.”
— Jess Joslin, UPSIDE Foods
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“After [early] conversations, I was 100% committed to pursuing a career in
cellular agriculture. I immediately started changing my coursework and lining up relevant research internships. I decided to dedicate my life to advance this groundbreaking technology and I have never looked back.”
— Parendi Birdie, Mission Barns
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“I don’t think there really is any “safe” path. I believe that people should pursue the path they consider the most personally rewarding.”
— Nick Ouzounov, Geltor
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“The alternative protein field is a very open and multimodal field that I think is one of the more exciting areas for research because it’s so uncharted.”
— Rose Belroy, Miyoko’s Kitchen
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GFIdeas community

GFIdeas is a community for entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and subject matter experts driving alternative protein innovation. Join GFIdeas to amplify your impact in the global good food ecosystem. 

Learn from an international business network as you launch a startup, meet collaborators, and find investment opportunities. Propel scientific innovation, explore the frontier of food technology, and find collaborators who are ready to take on the technical challenges facing the field today.