Alternative protein company database

Explore the landscape of alternative protein consumer brands, manufacturers, and ingredient suppliers. Use the database to identify and stay up-to-date on new alternative protein companies and products, source deal flow for companies of interest, or find manufacturing partners. 

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Manufacturers and brands

Alternative protein manufacturers and brands

Use this database view to identify companies producing alternative protein end-products for consumers.

Use the filters to narrow the list by company characteristics, including product focus, production platform, location, and more. You can also download the database as a CSV file.

Ingredients and equipment

Alternative protein ingredient & equipment companies

Use this database view to identify companies producing ingredients or equipment for alternative protein products. Only companies with a key focus on alternative protein applications are included in the database.

Use the filtering, sorting, and grouping functions to organize the database by ingredient type, production platform, location, and more. You can also download the database as a CSV file.

Fundraising database

Alternative protein company fundraising database

Use this database view to identify alternative protein companies who are currently engaged in a fundraising round and explore opportunities to drive positive outcomes through strategic financing. Use the filters to narrow the list by company and round characteristics, including asset type, round type, target deal size, and target investor type. You can also download the database as a CSV file. Once you have identified companies of interest, you may reach out to them directly via the contact information provided.

About the database

Each company in the database has voluntarily opted in and provided information about its fundraising status. The criteria for inclusion in the database is that the company is focused on alternative proteins and is currently engaged in fundraising. 

To keep the database up-to-date, GFI sends out a fresh call for submissions every four months and removes companies that are no longer fundraising. The calls for submissions are sent out to the Alternative Protein Opportunity: Entrepreneurs list and to the GFIdeas community. Companies may also opt in or out of the database at any time using this form

While GFI checks the alternative protein focus of companies in this database, we have not taken any other steps to verify these companies or their fundraising information. Inclusion in this resource should not be interpreted as an endorsement from GFI or the provision of investment advice. Accredited and institutional investors should conduct their own due diligence if they are considering investing in any company. 

Disclaimer: The Good Food Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is not a registered investment, legal or tax advisor or broker/dealer. All opinions expressed and content provided are for informational purposes only. Please seek advice from a licensed professional and independently verify any information provided.

Are you fundraising?

Add a company

Add an alternative protein company to the database

The alternative protein industry is flourishing, with new companies and products launched every week. While the alternative protein company database is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, it is not an exhaustive list. 

Know of an alternative protein company that’s not on our list? Request to add them using the form below and by sharing as much information as you can.

GFI respects your privacy. Please refer to our privacy notice to learn more about how we store and process your information.

Request an update

Request an update to the database

Is your company in the database and do you have an update to share? Use the form below to request a change to the information displayed, including product type, technology focus, and funding round.

GFI respects your privacy. Please refer to our privacy notice to learn more about how we store and process your information.

Become an industry partner

Become an industry partner with the Alt Protein Project

As you may already know, GFI’s Alt Protein Project (APP) is an initiative dedicated to empowering students to build their universities into hubs of alternative protein development. The tremendous momentum our student leaders have already built alongside motivated educators at their universities underscores their role as primary changemakers in our vision to create a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative.

Becoming an industry partner with our community offers:

  • Access to up-and-coming talent for your company’s talent needs.
  • Direct relationships with top-tier research universities.
  • The chance to help construct optimal education and training programs to continue meeting your future talent needs.
  • The opportunity to mentor early career professionals and cultivate the next generation of the alternative protein workforce.
List a fundraising company

List a fundraising company

Is your company fundraising? Join the fundraising database to get your company in front of interested investors.

Please note that the fundraising database is a separate but complementary resource to the alternative protein company database, so if your company is listed in the main database you should still fill out this form to join the fundraising database.

How to use this resource

How to use the database

Use the filtering, grouping, and sorting features of the company database to narrow your search. 

You can filter by technology focus, product type, ingredient type, region, or a company’s fundraising status.

To use the filtering feature, simply select “filter” in the top left corner of the database, and toggle whichever field you would like to filter by. 

The sorting feature can organize the database according to your chosen fields.

To use this feature, select “sort” in the top left corner of the database, and choose the fields you’d like to sort by. 

We would like to thank the following people for their support in updating the company database: Josh Bisig, Jennah Brown, Zavier Chavez, Naz Hatay, Marlana Malerich, Helena Milazzo, Deeksha Mittal, Nikki Nadeau, Lily O’Doherty, Julia Piscioniere, Matthew Sheehan, Eric Sirvinskas, Kimberly Taylor, Kyle Vetrano, Sukhi Wei, and Christina Xu.

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