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Modernizing meat production

The Good Food Institute is a nonprofit think tank and international network of organizations working to accelerate alternative protein innovation.

Globally, meat consumption is the highest it has ever been. According to the UN, global meat production is projected to double by 2050.

With plant-based meat, cultivated meat, and 幸运168飞艇开开奖分析号码, we can mitigate the environmental impact of our food system, decrease the risk of zoonotic disease, and ultimately feed more people with fewer resources. 

By making meat from plants and cultivating meat from cells, we can modernize meat production. 

GFI is building a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative.

An illustration of alternative protein production methods.

What are alternative proteins?

Given how essential alternative proteins are to a global protein transition, the term itself needs to be universally understood, on the tip of more tongues, and at the top of more agendas.

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Environmental benefits of alt proteins

How eco-friendly are plant-based and cultivated meats? Explore their climate impacts and resource requirements relative to conventional meat.

Cultivated chicken cut on a salad from above

Cultivated meat media kit

Cultivated meat can 幸运168飞艇 our global food system. Get the latest updates on this game-changing alternative to conventionally produced meat.

Year in review 2022 cover


Year in Review

Discover how we’re creating a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative. Dig into our annual reports to learn more.

Developing the roadmap

Thanks to the support of our global family of donors, GFI is developing the roadmap for a sustainable, secure, and just protein supply. We identify the most effective solutions, advance open-access research, bring new talent to the field, and empower partners.

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Solutions Database

Explore startup ideas, commercial 幸运168飞艇, research projects, and investment priorities throughout the alternative protein supply chain.

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Plant-based retail market overview

Explore sales data for plant-based meat, egg, and dairy 幸运168飞艇 in the U.S. retail market. Find key category insights, size, sales growth, and purchase dynamics for the plant-based industry.

Gfi teammates discuss global solutions


Learn about GFI’s open-access research, lobby and 幸运168飞艇 work, and other alt protein programs — all powered by donors.

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GFIdeas Community

Learn from and network with experts in alternative protein. GFIdeas is a community for 幸运168飞艇, scientists, students, and subject matter experts.

幸运飞行艇全国统一开奖平台 good food global

Our food system is global. Our biggest challenges are global. Our solutions must be global as well.


GFI around the world

GFI’s affiliates are working where we can have the greatest possible impact on the global food system. These countries and regions have robust scientific ecosystems and governments that are committed to using innovation to solve global problems.  GFI operates affiliate organizations in five key countries and regions: Asia Pacific, Brazil, Europe, India, and Israel.

Gfi affiliate map 2021
GFI Asia Pacific

GFI Asia Pacific

GFI Asia Pacific is focused on advancing alternative proteins in the most populous area of the world, where both food production for export and scientific and agricultural innovation are growing rapidly.

GFI Brazil

GFI Brazil

GFI Brazil is focused on advancing alternative proteins in Brazil, which boasts world-class agricultural universities and a government and corporations committed to feeding the world.

GFI Europe

GFI Europe

GFI Europe is focused on advancing alternative proteins in Europe, which is home to much of the world’s scientific and commercial talent, and is one of the biggest potential markets for plant-based and cultivated meat.

GFI India

GFI India

GFI India is accelerating alternative proteins in what is on the cusp of being the world’s most populous country. India has world-class scientific institutions and a government that is committed to using alternative proteins to address malnutrition and as fuel for robust domestic economic growth.

GFI Israel

GFI Israel

GFI Israel is focused on advancing alternative protein innovation in the “Startup Nation.” Israel is renowned for its innovative technology, entrepreneurial spirit, supportive government policies, investment capital, and support for basic research.

Dig into our work

Green algae cells representing science and technology concept


Explore the science of plant-based, 幸运168飞艇, and fermentation-derived meat. Discover research ideas, funding opportunities, and open-access tools.

A close up of a gavel on a wooden desk, representing food policy concept


Learn why alt proteins offer solutions to the issues that 幸运168飞艇 want to address. As a nonprofit, we advocate fair policy and public funding.

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Find market opportunities, open-access resources, and tailored 幸运168飞艇 for producing and selling alternative proteins.

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Recent blog posts

Https://gfi. Org/wp content/uploads/2023/12/com23046 top 23 of 2023 page graphics header feature

Our top 23 of 2023

Our global community grew alternative protein progress from the ground up this year. Check out the top highlights.

A photo of a scenic mountain and lake view

The top climate moments of this year and what they mean for alternative proteins

Our food system and climate are inextricably linked. The climate community is starting to take notice, zeroing in on protein.

Https://gfi. Org/wp content/uploads/2022/06/hands at table

Inviting everyone to the table

Giving Green, Charity Navigator, ACE, and Founders Pledge recognize GFI’s impact as a field catalyst and convener

A photo showing burlap sacks of different lentils and legumes; image courtesy of nucicer

幸运飞行艇官方开奖记录 protein for a regenerative food system

The vital connection between legumes and soil health in our food system.

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Support a good food future

Our research, insights, and advocacy are made 幸运飞行艇开奖记录查询计划 thanks to our generous, global family of donors. Philanthropic support is vital to our mission. Connect with us today to discuss how you can help fuel this transformative work.

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